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  • Business is delivered as a consequence of what people do and say and how they do and say it.
  • Your life is lived, based on what you do and say and how you do and say it.

Gifted & Resourceful People Ltd is a company focused on the leadership of your own life and the leadership of others in an Organisation. Our Services are created to intervene in such a way that people grow, begin to understand their impact and reach their full potential.

Personal one-to-one coaching is an effective pathway to becoming clear about what you want. This may be associated with a simple problem or as big as, what is my life purpose? Who am I becoming?

Organisations are constantly having to manage change. Our interventions are targeted towards facilitating business leaders and their teams through these changes and on to sustainable growth...

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My Latest Blog Posts

  • How is the ‘Voyage’ progressing?

    Sep 29, 2021 | 20:10 pm

    Sailing is an excellent metaphor for our lives, where the wind and the sea constitute the reality of our lives. It may be for some of us, we stay close to shore, perhaps even choosing not to venture out of…

  • Can a Haiku perhaps help?

    Sep 23, 2021 | 12:53 pm

      In the journey of you becoming you, or me becoming me, it is often small insights that trigger shifts and changes within us. I have begun to capture some of those, in the Japanese poetic form of Haikus, consisting…

  • How do you Lead? Learn to Lead through Influence not Dominance

    Aug 22, 2021 | 12:46 pm

    Learning to lead through influence, not dominance. So often leadership is confused with hierarchy — a structure which suggests there is scarcity at the top. To progress up, someone must come down. It’s an industrial mindset, and when applied to…


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