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  • Business is delivered as a consequence of what people do and say and how they do and say it.
  • Your life is lived, based on what you do and say and how you do and say it.

Gifted & Resourceful People Ltd is a company focused on the leadership of your own life and the leadership of others in an Organisation. Our Services are created to intervene in such a way that people grow, begin to understand their impact and reach their full potential.

Personal one-to-one coaching is an effective pathway to becoming clear about what you want. This may be associated with a simple problem or as big as, what is my life purpose? Who am I becoming?

Organisations are constantly having to manage change. Our interventions are targeted towards facilitating business leaders and their teams through these changes and on to sustainable growth...

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My Latest Blog Posts

  • How did you become the size you are?

    Mar 21, 2019 | 14:17 pm

      weight loss journey chart I’m 72 years old.😱 In the first photo taken pre February 2017 I weighed 16st 11lbs (235 lbs, 107 kg), in the 2nd photo taken in March 2019 my weight is 11st 8lbs (162lbs,73 kg).…

  • What part does culture play in you becoming you?

    Nov 17, 2018 | 16:52 pm

    Culture is the culmination of the Social Norms we learn  and perpetuate, as we develop and grow within a Society. My Culture – Your Culture – Our Culture – Their Culture We are Social animals, tribal and we grow up in a…

  • What is the impact, of my beliefs on my reality?

    Sep 28, 2018 | 16:13 pm

    He does not believe, who does not live according to his belief.    Thomas Fuller How do your beliefs impact the  perception you hold about reality? Little or not at all? They have some effect? High? Total. My beliefs absolutely define…


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