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As coaches we work with people within Companies or as Individuals to enable them to take actions for their business, manage themselves and others effectively, and reach their true leadership and performance potential. We are professionally qualified, and have extensive experience in coaching individuals within the corporate environment and from many cultures.Organisational Change Consultancy

As consultants we are able to work with clients to identify human change challenges within business. We assist with the design of specific, measurable business outcomes, and make recommendations on ways forward, drawing on the offerings described below.

Skill / Role Modelling Space

This learning space is created through a facilitation process and forum in which teams can discover and replicate excellence. This could mean excellence in salesmanship, leadership, team building, or any other important dimension of life in business. The learning space environment leads to an ever-improving level of competence, skill and learning


The organizational climate within which people work, is created by their Leaders and Managers. By working with Leaders and the impact their individual styles have on the climate, we can address, morale, retention and productivity issues within the Business.

Bespoke interventions

As facilitators we design and execute interventions which are tailored to achieve our clients’ outcomes. We utilise tools and techniques to enable teams to meet their goals in their desired timeframes. Frequent themes include:

  • Teams
    • Collaboration
    • Team building
  • Break-through thinking,
  • Performance management,
  • Creative thinking, Innovation
  • Problem resolution and action planning.

Behavioural Analysis

As consultants we are trained to recognize behavioural problems within a specific context. This frequently applies where those involved have arrived at an impasse. We provide impartial analysis and mentoring to enable our clients to make new choices and resolve the situation.

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